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Column Editor: Robert L. Kusmer

Vol. 26, no. 2

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JKL = Jeffry K. Larson

MDS = M. Denise Schoene

SFR = Susanne F. Roberts

RLK = Robert L. Kusmer



Gabel, Gernot U. Historic Libraries in Europe: Beiträge zur europäischen Bibliotheksgeschichte: Festgabe zum 60. Geburtstag [Gernot U. Gabels] / überreicht von Gisela Gabel-Jahns. 1st ed. Hürth: Edition Gemini, 2001. 187 pp., port. ISBN 3922331459. € 19.50

A collection of Gabel’s articles previously published in various journals from 1986-2001, which have been organized into sections by country for this volume in honor of his 60th birthday. Deals with libraries of Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland and the Netherlands. Also includes a comprehensive bibliography of the author’s publications. [RLK]

Handbook of cultural affairs in Europe = Manuel européen des affaires culturelles = Manual de los asuntos culturales en Europea = Europaisches Kulturhandbuch = Manuale degli Affari Culturali in Europa = Europees Cultuurhandboek = Evropeiskii spravochnik po delam kul’tury. Initiated by the Council of Europe (CDCC) with support from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany ... [et al.]; prepared by members of the CIRCLE network, other experts, and an editing team; responsible editor, Andreas Johannes Wiesand (Zentrum für Kulturforschung/ERICarts). [3. Aufl.] Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2000. 846 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 3789066974: € 85.00.

The English-multilingual edition of a classed directory of European cultural policy agencies that attempts "to give a complete and up to date picture of institutions and initiatives in European cultural co-operation and the organisational structure of cultural affairs in the 47 member states of the European Cultural Convention and in Canada". Chiefly English; introductory chapter in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and German (there is also a "German-multiligual" [sic] edition). Part A covering transnational enterprises is in English. Part B covering national agencies is in English and the respective national language. Part C covers 14 peripheral countries, from the USA to Uzbekistan. Entries include bibliographical references. No index. Reviewed in IFB 9 (2001) 2; RRE 2001: #40. [JKL]

Martín González, Yolanda. La documentación y los servicios de información del parlamento europeo. [Gijón]: Trea, [2002]. 191 p.; ill.: 22 cm. ISBN 8497040430: € 19.00.

A guide to the documentation and information services of the European Parliament. Includes tables, graphs, flow charts, and a 4-page bibliography, but no index. [JKL]


Gads Danske Forfatter Leksikon: Litteraturens Stemmer (Dictionary of Danish Authors: Literary Voices) / eds. Benedicte Kieler and Klaus P. Mortensen. Kobenhaven: Gads Forlag , 2000. ISBN 8712031372.

The year 2005 will be a triple anniversary year of Hans Christian Andersen’s birth, Kierkegaard’s death, and the birth of K. Blixen (Isak Dinesen). Possibly in anticipation of all of this, there are new resources available to those interested in learning more about the writings and authors of Danish poetry and fiction. The Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a rewarding website with English translation of an historical overview of Danish literature as well as biographies of authors. The url is: http://www.litteraturnet.dk/ The volume Litteraturens Stemmer has more information available on each alphabetically listed author. The critical writings about each author and the biographies are multiple pages, and the articles are signed. There are numerous photographs to identify various authors, and there is a large bibliography and an index. [MDS]


Adams, Alison; Rawles, Stephen; & Saunders, Alison. A bibliography of French emblem books of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, [v. 2: L-Z]. Genève: Librarie Droz, 2002. xxii, 759 p.: ill. 26 cm. (Travaux d’humanisme et renaissance; 362) ISBN 2600006761.

The second and final volume of the work noted in our Fall 2000 issue. Includes addenda and corrigenda to vol. 1, and, as promised, indices of titles, names of authors, editors, commentators, translators, etc., dedicatees, printers/publishers, places and dates of publication, as well as bibliographies of editions and secondary literature. [JKL]

Alliot, David. Le Lispé: Le répertoire des librairies spécialisées de Paris et banlieue. Paris: Serpent de Mer, 1999. 223 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 291349000x: 110 FF.

A classed directory of 430 specialized bookstores in and around Paris. Includes indices of the 130 specialties (which reproduces the order of the entries), of bookstore names, and by arrondissement; also a section on internet sites. Entries indicate whether the bookstores deal in OP, and by correspondence, but not whether they export. [JKL]

Amor, Safia. À chacun son café [cover subtitle: Philo, psy, cyber, shopping, expo, musique, design... les cafés thématiques de Paris]. Paris: Parigramme, 2002. 97 p.: ill.; 18 cm. (Paris est à nous) ISBN 2840961113: € 5.34.

A thematic pocket guide to cafés in Paris, arranged by category. Includes sections on best-known traditional establishments and those with recommended outside seating. Includes an index of places listed. Recommends http://www.zingueurs.com/ as an indispensable updating tool. [JKL]

Amor, Safia, & Chiapello, Laurent. Paris chocolat [cover subtitle: fondants, croquants, fourrés, pralinés, truffés ou glacés... les meilleurs chocolats pour accros au cacao]. Paris: Parigramme, 2001. 103 p.: ill.; 18 cm. (Paris est à nous) ISBN 2840961814: € 5.34.

A versatile guide to the world of Parisian chocolate, listing especially where to buy and consume hot chocolate (the drink), pastries, and ice cream. Includes a brief chapter on cooking with chocolate and where to obtain the ingredients, with references to bookstores, web sites, and local chocolate fairs. Includes a glossary, a list of highly-rated establishments, and an index of places listed. [JKL]

Bibliographie des écrivains français/Bibliographica (ISSN 1245-2505) Paris; Roma: Memini. No. 25: Schrenck, Gilbert. Agrippa d’Aubigné. 2001. 240 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8886609396: € 48.00.

Another installment in a series of classed annotated bibliographies on French literary authors whose first number was noted in our Spring 1996 issue (see also our Spring 2000, Fall 2001 and 2002 issues). Includes indices of keywords, outstanding studies, theses, authors of book reviews, and authors and translators. The series editors’ preface is dated 1997. This series is being critically reviewed in IFB, hence in IFBA and RRE. [JKL]

Compère, Daniel. D’Artagnan & cie: Les trois mousquetaires d’Alexandre Dumas, un roman à suivre. Paris: Belles lettres; Amiens: Encrage, 2002. 156 p.; 20 cm. (Références, ISSN 1275-3106; 17) ISBN 2251741127/2911576349: € 15.00.

After an analysis of Dumas’ novel, Compère studies its heritage: editions, sequels, theatrical and cinematic adaptations, parodies, new versions, corrections, and various derivatives. In appendix: plot summary, dictionary of characters, primary and secondary bibliographies, lists of adaptations, and chronologies. [JKL]

Dictionnaire des écrivains bretons du XXe siècle. Ed. Marc Gontard. Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2002. 295 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 286847702X: € 15.00.

Bio-bibliographies of 20th-century authors born in or associated with Brittainy. Entries refer only to primary texts. Includes a 3-page bibliography. No index. [JKL]

Dictionnaire des mythes féminins. sous la direction de Pierre Brunel; avec la collaboration de Frédéric Mancier. Monaco: Rocher,2002. xxii, 2124 p. ISBN: 2268043835: € 98.00.

An international encyclopedia of myths about, not necessarily by, women, including real, fictional, and mythological feminine figures. Signed articles of varying lengths include cross references as well as to the editor’s Dictionnaire des mythes littéraires and Dictionnaire des mythes d’aujourd'hui for non-feminine myths, followed by selected bibliographies, and, occasionally, iconographies, discographies, and filmographies. Includes a very brief general bibliography and, hélas, no index. Typically Gallocentric: the article on the letter “A” makes no mention of Hawthorne. [JKL]

Le dictionnaire du littéraire. Eds. Paul Aron, Denis Saint-Jacques, Alain Viala. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 2002. xxv, 634 p. ISBN 2130516904: € 55.00.

A critical dictionary of literary terms—movements, categories, genres, practices, institutions, critical concepts, and issues of literary esthetics—by about 80 academic authors. Focusing on the Francophone world, signed entries provide definitions and historical and critical contexts, and offer cross references and very selective bibliographies. Includes an index of terms not having their own entries. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Dictionnaire encyclopédique du livre. Eds. Pascal Fouché, Daniel Péchoin, Philippe Schuwer. [Paris]: Éditions du Cercle de la librairie, c2002-. [v. 1] A-D: 900 p.: ill. (some col.), facsims., ports.; 31 cm. ISBN 2765408416: € 178.00.

Both a dictionary (grammatical and lexical information on standard and slang terms with English translations) and an encyclopedia with technical and historical information on the book and its arts and trade: artists, publishers, libraries, etc. In the first volume, articles are signed by one or more of 349 specialists, usually librarians or academics. Includes cross references and a 49–page bibliography with titles arranged in the order of the articles to which they pertain. [JKL]

Dictionnaire mondial des littératures. Paris : Larousse, 2002. 1017 p.; 29 cm. ISBN: 2035051207: € 68.00.

Though global in scope, this dictionary of literature emphasizes French literature and contemporary figures, containing 7500 articles, 7000 of which are devoted to authors, and 100 on various national literatures; genres, movements, and anonymous works also have entries. Some of the articles derive from the 2-volume Dictionnaire historique, thématique et technique des littératures: littératures française et étrangères, anciennes et modernes, ed. Jacques Demougin; Paris: Larousse, c1985-c1986 [Balay 362; Walford7, v. 3/#6431]. Includes a 51-page bibliography (both primary and secondary) of works in French, as well as a list of entries arranged by country (and a listing of genres), but no index. [JKL]

Doillon, Albert. Le dico de la violence. Paris: Fayard, c2002. 499 p.; 25 cm. (Les mots en liberté) ISBN 2213612420; LCCN: 2002500078: € 29.00.

A fairly serious dictionary of French terms of violence, which field the author declines to define, though he includes state violence, racism, and intolerance. Follows the same methodology as the author’s Le dico du sexe (infra). In appendix: lists of verbal violence (insults, interjections, unfriendly terms), and an 18–page classed bibliography. [JKL]

Doillon, Albert. Le dico du sexe. Paris: Fayard, 2002. 413 p.; 25 cm.; No ill. (Les mots en liberté) ISBN: 2213614164: € 26.00.

A fairly serious dictionary of French (metropolitan) familiar, popular, or slang erotic terms. Entries indicate grammatical category and meanings, but not fields or levels of usage, and offer illustrative quotations sourced as to author, title, and date. Some articles contain lengthy arrays of quotations; v., e. g., s. v. gamahucher. In appendix: 700 synonyms for penis and 500 for vulva, and a 4-page annotated secondary bibliography. [JKL]

Doillon, Albert. Le dico du sport. Paris: Fayard, 2002. 367 p.; 24 cm. (Les mots en liberté) ISBN 2213612994: € 29.00.

A fairly serious dictionary of French familiar, popular, or slang sports terms, including Anglicisms and verlanisms. Follows the same methodology as the author’s Le dico du sexe (supra), though more consistent in specifying and dating sources. Based on the author’s Argots & néologismes du sport: dictionnaire historique et critique (du XVIe siècle à nos jours) [Paris: Association “Les Amis du lexique français”, c1992]. In appendix: lists of terms from sliding and bouncing sports, and a 4-page bibliography. [JKL]

Dutel, Jean-Pierre. Bibliographie des ouvrages érotiques publiés clandestinement en français entre 1880 et 1920. Paris: J.-P. Dutel, c2001. 669 p.: ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 2951774206; LCCN 2002424171: € 180.00.

A catalog of 933 editions of clandestine erotica in French published in Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Paris at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries, attempting to attribute them to their publishers and printers. Aricles offer title-page transcriptions, physical descriptions, publishing information, authorial identification, plot summary, and holding locations (including private collections). Contains brief entries on publishers, printers, authors, and collectors, as well as a 4-page secondary bibliography. Reproduces 692 title pages and typographical ornaments, the latter grouped by family, as well as covers and pages from clandestine catalogs. Includes indices of presumed authors and publishers. To be reviewed in RRE? [JKL]

Les gazettes européennes de langue française: répertoire / par Pierre Rétat. Suivi d’une étude sur les fonds des gazettes anciennes à la Bibliothèque nationale de France / par Jeanne-Marie Métivier, Laurent Portes, Pierre Rétat. Paris: Bibliothèque nationale de France, 2002. 77 p.; 30 cm. ISBN 2717721975: € 18.30.

A catalog of 80 French language gazettes from the 17th and 18th centuries, of which 24 are previously unknown. Shows holding locations and volume holdings in 221 European and North American libraries and archives. A study of the BnF’s holdings is accompanied by an analytical table of the volume holdings. Includes a list of reporting libraries and archives, an alphabetical short title list, and a chronological list of the gazettes, as well as a 2-page bibliography. See the publisher’s blurb at http://editions.bnf.fr/science/fiche36.htm [JKL]

Gordienne, Robert. Dictionnaire des mots qu'on dit gros, de l'insulte et du dénigrement. Paris: Hors commerce, 2002. 506 p.; 20 cm. ISBN: 291059954X: € 25.00.

A glossary of 4500 terms with 8000 meanings of varying levels of denigration and acceptability. Entries indicate grammatical category and occasionally period of usage, as well as meanings, and offer illustrative quotations sourced only as to author. No critical apparatus or index. [JKL]

Lurçat, Irène & Hélène. Paris gourmandises [cover subtitle: pâtisseries, confiseries, chocolatiers, glaciers]. Paris: Parigramme, 2002. 104 p.: ill.; 18 cm. (Paris est à nous) ISBN 284096239X: € 6.00.

Arranged by arrondissement, your little guide to adding avoirdupois. Includes a “lexique gourmand” and a section of “palmarès” which awards ratings for best products, original creations, and overall establishments, as well as an index of places. [JKL]

Ministère de l’économie, des finances et de l’industrie. Direction des entreprises commerciales, artisanales et de services (Paris). Les foires et salons agréés et autorisés. 2002. [Ed. Wendy Szefner]. Paris: Documentation française, 2001. 182 p. ISBN 2110049928: € 10.50.

A classed directory of officially recognized fairs and salons. Includes a chronological index. [JKL]

Ramsay, Richard. Le dictionnaire érotique. Montréal: Adage; Paris: Blanche, 2002. 432 p.: ill.; 19 cm. ISBN: 2921956055 (Adage); 2846280479 (Éditions Blanche): € 25.00.

A glossary of 2600 erotic terms. Entries indicate grammatical category and meanings, and offer illustrative quotations sourced only as to author. The 18-page bibliography does not indicate editions used. Contains an index of illustrations, including one by Rembrandt. [JKL]

Rixte, Jean-Claude. Textes et auteurs drômois de langue d’oc, des origines à nos jours: essai de bibliographie avec notes et commentaires. Montélimar: Daufinat-Provença, Terra d’oc, 2000. 311 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 295135181X, LCCN: 2002476876: € 19.00.

A chronological bibliography of Occitan writings from Drôme, with holding locations for mss. Thumbnail biographies offered for known authors, includes periodical citations and secondary bibliographies. Includes 5 pages of sources and a 5-page general bibliography. Includes a list of periodicals cited, indices of communes associated with anonymous texts and authors, and index of authors cited. [JKL]

Stasse, François. La véritable histoire de la grande bibliothèque. Paris: Seuil, 2002. 205 p.; 22cm. (L’épreuve des faits) ISBN 2020517612: € 19.00.

Tout va bien. The author was the director of the TGB 1998-2001. [JKL]

Vallet, Philippe; & Doménégo, Nathalie. Les livres de l’année: Saison littéraire 2001-2002. Paris : Jacob-Duvernet, 2002. 115 p.; 18 cm. (Guide France info. Actualité; 57) ISBN 2847240411: € 7.47.

A survey of two radio journalists’ 180 preferred books from the previous literary season. Aside from their “coups de cœur” the authors comment and quote from books in the following rubrics: major literary prize-winners, fiction, books about 9/11, travel, drama, and essays. A work’s entry is occasionally accompanied by a thumbnail biography of the author. Includes a list of authors cited. No mention of any continuation. [JKL]


Biographische Enzyklopädie der deutschsprachigen Aufklärung / herausgegeben von Rudolf Vierhaus und Erich Bödeker. München: Saur, 2002. 474 pp. ISBN 3598114613. € 168

Revised extract of Killy and Vierhaus, Deutsche biographische Enzyklopädie (1995-2000, 12 vols. plus 2 supplements), further expanded through the addition of 45 new biographies. Provides coverage of over 1,100 individuals from the German-speaking cultural and intellectual arena during the period from ca. 1650-1833, encompassing diverse disciplines and walks of life: politicians, scientists, philosophers, poets, theologians, publishers and others. As the editors note in the introduction, the process of determining who would be included in such a work as this was not unchallenging; along with Kant and Mendelssohn, they had to provide their own answer to the question, “Was ist Aufklärung?” Other features are: selective inclusion of bibliographical entries; indexes of persons and places; German-speaking learned societies of the 18th century and their publications, organized by city and then by organization; periodicals of the Enlightenment, with editors, dates, places of publication; and a table of biographees, arranged chronologically by birth-death years. [RLK]

Brüning, Volker Fritz. Bibliographie der Kometen-Literatur. Hiersemanns bibliographische Handbücher, Bd. 15. Stuttgart: Hiersemann, 2000. 674 pp., facsims. ISBN 3777200263. € 180

First comprehensive bibliography of the literature in a single work. Chronologically arranged, the 4,359 entries span over 2,600 years, from the Chi’un-ch’iu (7th cent. B.C.) to Hornung’s Schwarze Löcher und Kometen (1999). Brüning’s work is meticulous, with ample bibliographic descriptions, including as appropriate title page transcriptions of early imprints, source citations and, selectively, annotations. Includes introduction, a 17-page bibliography of referenced works, and indexes for authors, anonymous works, other persons, and subjects, including, under “Kometenchronologie,” an index to comet literature by year of the comet . [RLK]

Dictionary of German Biography / editors in chief, Walther Killy, Rudolf Vierhaus. München: Saur, 2001- [10 vols.]. ISBN 359823290X. € 229 per vol., € 2148 the set in advance.

Awarded Choice “Academic Outstanding Book of the Year” for 2002. The first three vols. of this English edition of Deutsche biographische Enzyklopädie, vols. 1-10 have been published, with completion of the set slated for 2004. Includes some articles written originally for this edition. Coverage of 60,000 individuals from Charlemagne to present times within all the German-speaking countries and regions of Europe. Selectively signed articles by over 500 scholars. Includes cross-referencing of name variants, pseudonyms, etc., bibliographical references. Reviewed in Choice 40 (2) Oct 2002. [RLK]

Frenzel, Herbert A. and Elizabeth. Daten deutscher Dichtung: chronologischer Abriß der deutschen Literaturgeschichte.</i? 33. Aufl. München: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 2001. 2 vols. (902 pp.). ISBN 3423030038 (Bd. 1), 3423030046 (Bd. 2) € 20 (set)

This familiar quick reference guide to German literature needs no introduction to the many students and teachers who have used it since the first edition in 1953. Since then it has more than doubled in size, and the familiar orange cover has now given way to red. For a minimal outlay of 20 €, the reader can be brought up to date through the year 2000. [RLK]

<i>Geflügelte Worte: der klassische Zitatenschatz / gesammelt und erläutert von Georg Büchmann; fortgesetzt von Walter Robert-tornow … [et al.]. 42. Aufl. / neu bearbeitet und aktualisiert von Winfried Hofmann. München: Ullstein, 2001. 650 pp. ISBN 3550068298. € 19.95

The 42nd ed. of a standard German source book for worldwide quotations from antiquity to modern times. “Der neue Büchmann” contains over 4,000 entries from the Bible, folklore, vernacular and national categories, history and present times. Includes indexes of German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Latin quotations, as well as a name index. [RLK]

Handbuch Ethik / herausgegeben von Marcus Düwell, Christoph Hübenthal, Micha H. Werner. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2002. 576 pp. ISBN 3476017494. € 49.90.

Signed articles by sixty-five scholars provide an overview of the field of ethics in both its historical/theoretical and applied aspects. Following the editors’ lengthy introduction, the volume opens with a treatment of ethical theories, followed by a section on applied ethics as manifested in specific fields (bioethics, political ethics, etc.). The third main section comprises alphabetically arranged, in-depth articles on topics and concepts in ethics. These and all articles from the first two main sections include bibliographies. A general bibliography, information on the authors, and personal and subject indexes round out the volume. [RLK]

Handbuch österreichischer Autorinnen und Autoren jüdischer Herkunft, 18. bis 20. Jahrhundert / herausgegeben von der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek; Redaktion, Susanne Blumesberger, Michael Doppelhofer, Gabriele Mauthe. München: Saur, 2002. 3 vols. (1818 pp.). ISBN 3598115458 (set). € 320

The present work is the result of a significant research project of the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek over more than a decade. It serves to document the Jewish contribution to Austrian culture and society over three centuries; entries are not confined to representatives of belles lettres but come from all cultural and scientific fields. The project’s inception lay in the Library’s endeavor “Selbstständig erschienene Werke österreichischer Autoren jüdischer Herkunft,” whose basis was largely Herr Desider Stern’s private archive and his bibliography “Werke von Autoren jüdischer Herkunft in deutscher Sprache.” In the decade to follow, the researchers made use of as many direct contacts as possible to assemble the information; along the way, an archive of papers, correspondence and interviews was built up, which serves as a “by-product” of the endeavor and an abiding resource for researchers. Alphabetical arrangement of entries, cross references from pseudonyms and variant forms, indexes of occupation and place, index and bibliography of sources. [RLK]

Hermesmeier, Wolfgang, and Stefan Schmatz. Karl-May-Bibliographie, 1913-1945. Sonderbd. zu den gesammelten Werken Karl May’s. Bamberg: Karl-May-Verlag, 2000. 543 pp., illus. (some col.). ISBN 3780201577. € 75

One of several Sonderbände of the collected works edition, this handsome volume documents the numerous manifestations of Karl May editions, yearbooks, series, special publications. Secondary literature of the Karl-May-Verlag is also included. Numerous facsimiles of dust jackets and title pages, as well as 64 pages of color plates showing covers from licensed editions appearing in various periodicals, enhance the bibliography. Multiple indexes access titles, series, periodicals, publishers, persons and presses. [RLK]

Irrlitz, Gerd. Kant-Handbuch. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2002. 526 pp. ISBN 3476012344. € 49.90

Following a substantial introduction and a lengthy section on Kant’s life and the major tenets of his thought within the context of the Enlightenment Zeitgeist, the author goes on to delve in more detail into the major periods of his work and, in the case of significant individual works, into those works. A bibliographic essay on the Akademie-Ausgabe of Kant’s works, his posthumous manuscripts, and his lectures completes the main section. An appendix contains a chronology; a bibliography of editions, bibliographic works, serial and reference works and—selectively—secondary studies; and name and subject indexes. [RLK]

Karl-May-Handbuch / herausgegeben von Gert Ueding, in Zusammenarbeit mit Klaus Rettner. 2., erw. und bearbeitete Aufl. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2001. 641 pp. ISBN 3826018133. € 35

A handy resource for information on the popular phenomenon of Karl May, the work is divided into several sections treating: 1) historical, literary and publishing contexts 2) biographical information on May 3) May’s works, both publishing history, style analyses and introduction to each individual work within the context of the various May series and 4) reception, including adaptations for drama, film and other media. An appendix provides various additional apparati, e.g. internet resources on May, a secondary research bibliography, an analytic title concordance and title and person indexes. [RLK]

Kürschners deutscher Literatur-Kalender 2002-2003. München: Saur, 2003. 2 vols. (1822 pp.). ISBN 3598235852. € 328.00

The current ed. has added 2,099 new entries, for a total of 15,205 persons and institutions. [RLK]

Lexikon der deutschsprachigen Krimi-Autoren: unter Mitarbeit der aufgenommenen Autorinnen und Autoren / Redaktion, Angelika Jockers; Mitarbeit, Reinhard Jahn. München: Verlag der Criminale, 2002. 290 pp. ISBN 3935877307. € 24

Based on Jahn’s internet publication Lexikon der deutschen Krimiautoren containing 150 entries, the present print work has been expanded to 460 articles on contemporary crime writers from the German-speaking countries. Each article contains biographical data mostly supplied by the authors themselves, a bibliography of their publications, and contact information as well as membership in crime writers organizations (in addition to non-affilliated and recently deceased writers, all members of the organizations “Das Syndikat” and “Sisters in Crime” (German section) are included). The work is arranged alphabetically by form of name most used by the writer; cross-references are provided between real names and pseudonyms. Writers of crime novels, stories, radio plays and films are included. [RLK]

Lexikon des Holocaust / herausgegeben von Wolfgang Benz. Beck’sche Reihe, 1477. Originalausg. München: Beck, 2002. 262 pp. ISBN 3406476171. € 12.90

This concise reference work provides over 200 brief biographies and over 200 thematic articles covering historical occurrences, concepts, institutions, concentration camps and other sites, as well as broader background articles. The articles, written by over fifty scholars, are signed, and bibliographic references are provided for in the case of the longer essays. [RLK]

Raabe, Mechthild. Hans Egon Holthusen: Bibliographie 1931-1997.,/i> Hildesheimer Universitätsschriften, Bd. 8. Veröffentlichungen aus dem Nachlass Holthusen, Bd. 1. Hildesheim: Universitätsbibliothek Hildesheim, 2000. 225 pp., port. ISBN 3980575489. € 15

In May, 1999 the archives of the poet, essayist and critic were formally presented to the Literaturarchiv der Universitätsbibliothek Hildesheim. The bibliography, compiled by Holthusen’s sister (and wife of Paul Raabe), is the first in a series of publications planned from the Holthusen archive. Comprises citations to works both by and about Holthusen and includes the text of his opening address to the 1955 Frankfurter Buchmesse, “Autor und Leser.” Indexes for names, places and topics provided. Introduction by Frau Raabe. [RLK]

Romain, Alfred. <i>Wörterbuch der Rechts- und Wirtschaftssprache = Dictionary of Legal and Commercial Terms. Beck’sche Rechts- und Wirtschaftsbücher. München: Beck, 2002. 2 vols. ISBN 3406454070 (T. 1, Englisch-Deutsch, 5., neubearbeitete Aufl. = 5th rev. ed.) 3406480683 (T. 2, Deutsch-Englisch, 4., neubearbeitete Aufl. = 4th rev. ed.). € 153

Latest editions of this popular dictionary which first appeared in 1975. Based on the work accomplished by the late Alred Romain in previous editions. Updates American, European and international commercial and legal terminology. [RLK]

Salfinger, Helmut. Gertrud Fussenegger: Bibliographie. Schriften zur Literatur und Sprache in Oberösterreich, Bd. 7. Wien: Böhlau, 2002. 228 pp. ISBN 3205994612. € 30

Dedicated to the writer on the occasion of her 90th birthday, the bibliography covers her multi-faceted work—fiction, poetry, essays, children’s literature, radio and television readings—for which she received, among other awards, the Adalbert-Stifter-Preis (1963) and the Johann-Peter-Hebel-Preis (1969). Secondary literature is also covered. Biographical data section and indexes for authors, other persons and newspapers/journals completes the volume. [RLK]

Sarkowicz, Hans and Alf Menzer. Literatur in Nazi-Deutschland: ein biografisches Lexikon. Erw. und überarbeitete Neuausg. Hamburg: Europa Verlag, 2002. 439 pp., illus., ports. ISBN 3203820307. € 26.90

Nineteen new entries have been added and all bibliographic entries updated for the 2nd ed. The famous (Benn, Hesse, etc.) and the faceless are juxtaposed in this bio-bibliography of over 130 individuals writing in all genres during the period 1933-1945 in Germany. As the authors state, future literary stature was not a criterion for inclusion in the work. Selective primary and secondary bibliographies are included in each entry, and there is a general bibliography and name index at the end. A 58-page introductory essay provides an overview of the censorship system and the politics of publication during the Hitler era. [RLK]

Segebrecht, Wulf. Was sollen Germanisten lesen?: ein Vorschlag. 2., überarbeitete und erw. Aufl. Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag, 2000. 84 pp., illus. ISBN 3503049347. € 7.80

Presented as “recommendation” rather than as canon, the slim volume enumerates chronologically by centuries works of German literature without commentary. That is not to say, as Segebrecht notes in the introduction, that the Germanist should only read works of German literature. In a humorous “Anzeige” on pp. 34-35, the classics of world literature whose titles are listed there “shout” their “protest” “gegen die einseitige Orientierung dieser Leseliste an der deutschen Literatur!” [RLK]

Stock, Karl F., Rudolf Heilinger, Marylene Stock. Personalbibliographien österreichischer Dichterinnen und Dichter: von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart. 2., wesentlich erw. und verb. Aufl. München: Saur, 2002. 4 vols. (2,565 pp.). ISBN 3598115709 (set). € 698.00

It has been thirty years since the 1st ed. of this work, which has now grown from one volume to four and from 1,164 to 17,100 entries. Entries comprise not only independent publications, but countless bibliographies “hidden” within primary and secondary publications. Vol. 4 is devoted to several indexes of the first three volumes: by birth year, birthplace, death year, place of death, and a comprehensive index of all names, titles and keywords. An indispensable aid to research in Austrian literature. [RLK]

Wörterbuch der antiken Philosophie / herausgegeben von Christoph Horn und Christof Rapp. Beck’sche Reihe, 1483. Originalausg. München: Beck, 2002. 501 pp. ISBN 3406476236. €19.90

Over 600 alphabetically arranged, signed articles on concepts from ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, with a few bibliographic references included in each. While they are of course integral to the articles, the philosophers themselves are not represented by separate entries. Each entry term is translated into its German equivalents as well as into Latin, if from the Greek (Greek terms are all transliterated). The discussions concisely establish the meaning, with ample relation of the context within the thinkers and their works. Useful resources within the appendix include an alphabetical listing of central authors and schools within ancient philosophy, containing dates and single-sentence intellectual “thumb-print;” a listing of the philosophers followed by their works and corresponding abbreviations employed in the book; reference works and their abbreviations; a German-Greek/German-Latin vocabulary; and a Latin-Greek vocabulary. [RLK]

Ziesche, Eva, comp. Verzeichnis der Nachlässe und Sammlungen der Handschriftenabteilung der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Kataloge der Handschriftenabteilung. Zweite Reihe, Nachlässe, ISSN 0342-3972, Bd. 8. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2002. 238 pp. ISBN 3447045353. € 78.00

Perusal of this catalog readily presents the reader with both the richness of holdings as well as the pathos of recent history. Covering the period since the 16th century, the entries alphabetically arranged by name of benefactor or owner also detail the Signatur (“call no.”) and extent/content of each collection, date(s) of its acquisition and accession number, and reference to published documentation on the collection, if any. War losses are indicated, as well as foreign provenance when applicable (e.g., Krakau). [RLK]


Arouca, João Frederico de Gusmão C, 1908-1990. Bibliografia das obras impressas em Portugal no século XVII. Ed. Manuela D. Domingos. Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional, 2001- v. I:. Letras A-C. 602 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9725653041 (set); ISBN 9725653025 (v. 1)

A posthumous catalog of 17th-century Portuguese imprints, continuing Balay AA773. Each entry, arranged by author or anonymous title, consists of a transcription of the title page, a brief physical description, bibliographical references, and a location from among 13 major Portuguese libraries. The first of five projected volumes contains 799 entries; the set is to include some 6,000 entries. Includes bibliographies and cross references; indices are promised for the final volume. [JKL]

Beigbeder Atienza, Federico. Diccionario politécnico de las lenguas española e inglesa = Polytechnic dictionary of Spanish and English languages. 2. ed. Madrid: Díaz de Santos, 1997-2002. V. 2: español-inglés = Spanish-English. 1646 p.; 31 cm. ISBN 8479785335; LCCN: 98187846: € 114.00.

The second edition of a glossary of scientific and technological terms, with forematter in Spanish and English. Entries indicate equivalents and translate phrases, indicating most common field of usage. No critical apparatus. First volume not seen. [JKL]

Castillejo, David. Guía de ochocientas comedias del Siglo de oro: para el uso de actores y lectores. Madrid: Ars Milleni, 2002. 698 p.: ill.; 25 cm. (Teatro Clásico Español) ISBN 8493021199: € 45.00.

A performance-oriented guide to 800 plays by 20 Golden Age playwrights. For each selected play, gives a plot summary and gender of roles. Features vary according to the importance of the playwright; for the more prolific ones there are alphabetical title lists and tables ranking plays by dramatic interest. No index except of illustrations. [JKL]

Chamorro, María Inés. Tesoro de villanos: lengua de jacarandina: rufos, mandiles, galloferos, viltrotonas, zurrapas, carcaveras, murcios, floraineros y otras gentes de la carda. Barcelona: Herder, c2002. 829 p.: ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 8425422205: € 43.00.

A glossary of Golden Age slang (don’t ask me what the subtitle means). Entries offer meanings, usage, and etymologies, with references to primary and secondary works. Includes a 9-page bibliography. No index. [JKL]

Diccionario Anaya de la lengua. “1. ed.” Madrid: Anaya, 2002. xiii, 1195 p.; 29 cm. ISBN 8483322455; LCCN: 2002496211: € 20.00.

A large monlingual school dictionary with the same title as earlier dictionaries from the same publisher. Contains 34,000 articles with 71,000 definitions, offering alternative spellings, pronunciations, grammatical categories, levels and areas of usage, unsourced illustrative examples, synonyms, antonyms, related terms, cross references, and etymologies. Includes occasional conjugation tables and a grammatical appendix. [JKL]

Diccionario de personajes de Calderón. Eds. Javier Huerta Calvo y Héctor Urzáiz Tortajada. Madrid: Editorial Pliegos, [2002]. 528 p.: ill.; 23 cm. ISBN 8488435711; LCCN: 2002496039: € 33.00.

A dictionary of Calderón’s characters, with signed entries that describe the role and type of the character, indicate the tradition of the character’s name, and occasionally offer secondary references. Includes a list of plays (with commentator) and a 3-page bibliography. [JKL]

Diccionario del teatro iberoamericano. Eds. Ricardo de la Fuente Ballesteros, Julia AmezBua. Salamanca: Almar - Colegio de España, 2002. 444 p.; 24 cm. (Diccionarios; 3) ISBN 8474550637: € 18.00.

A dictionary of Peninsular and Latin American theater, covering playwrights, directors, actors, and theatrical and semiotic concepts and terms. Brief articles are signed and followed by very selective bibliographies. No index other than a list of articles (and collaborators) in the order in which they appear in the main body of the work. [JKL]

Diccionario político y social del siglo 19 español. Ed. Javier Fernández Sebastián, Juan Francisco Fuentes. Madrid: Alianza, 2002. 772 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8420686034

Over one hundred lengthy entries in this scholarly dictionary explore the political and social concepts most relevant to 19th century Spanish history; additional economic, philosophical, and institutional notions enlarge the breadth of coverage. Most of these notions democracy, individualism, constitution, capitalism--developed in the climate of political and economic liberalism that predominated in the West. A substantial Introduction discusses the relationship of language and terms to historical evolution. A section of bibliography and sources and a subject index complete the work. [SFR]

Gea, María Isabel. Diccionario Enciclopédico de Madrid. Madrid: La Librería, 2002. 757 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8495889099:€ 24.00.

An encyclopedia primarily of the places of Madrid. The almost 4800 articles occasionally provide architectural and historical “fiches” about the structures treated. Includes a 27-page bibliography. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

[Guerreiro, Luís R.]. Manuscritos do Fonds Portugais da Biblioteca Nacional de França. Lisbon: CNCDP/Centro de Estudos Damião de Góis, 2001. 637 pp.; 25 cm. (Catálogos) ISBN: 9727870295; $60.00.

Brief entries in call number order indicate title and sometimes subject. Foliation is indicated, but no physical description. Includes an index of personal names, titles, and subjects. [JKL]

Jornais e revistas portuguesas do século XIX. Eds. Gina Guedes Rafael & Manuela Santos. Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional, 2002. v. 2: [J-Z]: ill.; 427 p.; 24 cm. (Bibliografias) ISBN 9725653149. $35.00.

The second and final volume of a catalog of over 5300 19th-century Portuguese periodicals held in the Biblioteca Nacional in Lisbon. Entries, arranged by title, have been cataloged according to the Regras Portuguesas de Catalogação and ISBD(S). Includes indices of personal names, places, and chronology. Volume 1 was noted in our Spring 2000 issue. [JKL]

Morera Pérez, Marcial. Diccionario histórico-etimológico del habla canario. Las Palmas: Viceconsejería de Cultura y Deporte de Las Palmas, 2001. 863 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8479472820: € 41.50.

A scholarly dictionary of Canarian Spanish. Entries give brief grammatical information, localization and dates, and, of course etymologies, as well as frequent sourced examples. Includes an 8-page list of sources and an 8-page bibliography. [JKL]

Os Meus livros. Lisboa: [FirstMedia], Anno 1, No. 1-, Junho 2002- 27 cm. [No ISSN] € 91.28/12 issues (outside of Europe).

Another attempt to fill the void of a Portuguese book trade journal, this glossy monthly literary review offers the following rubrics: national and international bestsellers, interviews, essays by known literary figures (some in translation), columns, news briefs, reviews, and listings of new titles. In the 98-page first issue the most substantial essay, titled “Portugal Light,” analyses the public’s reading habits; a shorter one surveys the history of Livraria Bertrand, the most reputable publisher in Portugal. There is also a pre-publication excerpt from Gao Xingjian’s most recently translated work. Some of the reviews are long (one is 4½ pages), but most are brief—one or two to a page. The 36 reviews are distributed thus: 6 of Portuguese literary titles, 11 of foreign literature, 4 of Portuguese non-fiction, and 15 of foreign non-fiction. The trade listings are scanty in detail, offering only author, title, and publisher; no titles were found from Colibri, a major academic publisher. Os Meus livros has its limitations, but consider the lack of alternatives… [JKL]

Montoliú Camps, Pedro. Enciclopedia de Madrid. Barcelona: Planeta, 2002. 860 p.: ill.; 23 cm. (Enciclopedias Planeta. Serie mayor) ISBN 8408043382; LCCN: 2002433110: € 29.00.

An encyclopedia by Madrid’s official chronicler of the features and denizens of the capital city. A lengthy description of Madrid and its culture in 18 rubrics precedes the alphabetical articles which cover persons, places, and institutions, with bibliographical references embedded in the text. Includes a 15-page bibliography and an index of names. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Rainha, Luís, Paulo Caetano, Ricardo Martins Pereira, et al. Noites de Lisboa: Atribulaçoes, deambulações e outras confusões. Lisboa: Ma Criacao, [2000]. ill.: 159 p.; 22 cm. ISBN: 972-8720-00-9: $25.00.

A whimsical guide to various categories of nightspots in Lisbon. Offers directory information, schematic maps, and postmodern descriptions and narratives. [JKL]

Urzáiz Tortajada, Héctor. Catálogo de autores teatrales del siglo XVII. Madrid: Fundación Universitaria Española, 2002. 2 v. (906 p.); 29 cm. (Publicaciones de la Fundación Universitaria Española. Colección investigaciones bibliográficas sobre autores español; 5) ISBN 8473924975 (set); ISBN 8473924959 (v. 1); ISBN 8473924983 (v. 2): $68.98.

Bio-bibliographies of 17th-century playwrights. Entries include thumbnail biographies, dramatic works (with manuscripts, first editions, and premieres when known), references to the secondary literature, and occasionally other information. Includes a 57-page bibliography and an index of personal names and titles. [JKL]


D’Alessandro, Dario. Silenzio in sala!: la biblioteca nel cinema. Roma : Associazione italiana biblioteche, 2001. 221 p.: ill.; 21 cm. ISBN 8878120731: € 16.52.

Psst...: Did you know Casanova was a librarian, played by Donald Sutherland for Fellini (1976) and by Marcello Mastroanni for Scola (1982)? Or that “Like Snow White’s dwarves, libraries are of seven types: governmental, public, university, school, prison, special, and ecclesiastical”? After a categorical survey of libraries in film, comes a catalog of the films, in which the entries list the director and production date along with a brief plot segment summary. Includes indices of original titles (alphabetical and chronological) and directors, as well as lists of those not seen and those not discussed (e. g., in “Chinatown” the hero goes only to the archives of the Hall of Records—not a real library), followed by a 2-page bibliography. [JKL]

Dizionario degli autori italiani del secondo Novecento. Pref. Ferruccio Ulivi; intro. Neuro Bonifazi ; testi critici di Lia Bronzi. Arezzo: Helicon, 2002. 282 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 8887837112: € 29.00.

After a 55-page historical survey, this uneven literary dictionary presents bio-bibliographies (most with critical blurbs) of late 20th-century Italian literary or academic writers, a number of them little-known house authors. Not to be compared with Asor Rosa’s excellent Dizionario della letteratura italiana del Novecento (Einaudi, 1992) or Ghidetti & Luti’s Dizionario critico della letteratura italiana del Novecento (Editori Riuniti, 1997), it competes with the Dizionario autori: italiani contemporanei (G. Miano, 1996)--the last two noted in our Fall 1997 issue. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Dizionario del cinema italiano. I film dal 1990 al 2000; Vol. 6, tomo 2, M-Z. / Ernesto Lancia. Roma: Gremese, 2002. 382 p.: ill.; 25 cm. (Dizionari Gremese) ISBN 8877421372: € 31.50.

Another installment in the major dictionary of Italian film (LCCN: 93168172) noted in our Fall 1994 and Spring 2002 issues. [JKL]

Falaschi, Giovanni, & Fedi, Roberto. Avviamento alla letteratura italiana e manuale di stile: per i primi anni delle facoltà umanistiche e per gli studenti stranieri. Nuova ed. riv. e ampliata. Perugia: Guerra, 2001. 293 p.; 24 cm. (Studi sul linguaggio sulla comunicazione e sull’apprendimento; 2) ISBN 8877155078: € 26.49.

A guide for beginning university students of Italian literature. Contains directories of libraries, universities, cultural institutes, and publishers; a brief (25-page) classed bibliography; a classed glossary (labeled “Gli Strumenti di Lavoro”) of relevant terms (with selected bibliographical references); a style manual (with explanations and examples of North American citation norms); and lists of winners of Nobel and major Italian literary prizes. The index covers only the literary glossary. The first edition (1998) was not noted in the WESS Newsletter. [JKL]

Guida alla produzione tv, video e multimediale in Toscana: aziende, professionisti, emittenti, istituzioni e associazioni, provider Internet = Guide to tv, video and multimedial production in Tuscany: companies, self employed, tv stations, institutions and associations, internet service providers. Firenze: Aida, 2002. 368 p.; 21 cm. + 1 CD-ROM. ISBN 8883290267: € 15.00.

A regional classed bilingual directory of the professional media/communications services indicated in the title, as well as festivals and exhibitions. Includes no index, but the data is searchable in the attached CD-ROM version and on the web <http://www.guidaproduzionetv.it/>. [JKL]

Rifilato, Gabriele. Dizionario dei registi: la guida completa ai registi e alle loro filmografie con riferimenti a videocassette, laserdisc, DVD. Roma: RAI ERI, 2001. 317 p., [16] leaves of plates: ill.; 22 cm. ISBN 8839711627: € 16.00.

An international collection of filmographies of 1097 film directors. Includes occasional quotes from subjects and critics, lists of major prizewinners and “bests” from various sources, an index of genres and movements, and references to the author’s Video guida, 2000-2001: la guida completa ai film in VHD e DVD (not seen). NB: Binding appears very fragile. [JKL]

Scotti, Mario; & Cristiano, Flavia. Storia e bibliografia delle edizioni nazionali. Milano: S. Bonnard, 2002. 595 p., [8] leaves of plates: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 8886842333: € 50.00. An “in-depth history [by Scotti] ... and bibliography [by Cristiano] ... of Italian National Editions. Contains a chronology, [the text of the current authorizing statute], and name index” [Casalini blurb]. In appendix: projects NYP. [JKL]

Un secolo di stampa periodica mantovana: 1797-1897. Eds. Clara Castagnoli & Giancarlo Ciaramelli. Milano: F. Angeli, 2002. 300 p.; 23 cm. (Studi e ricerche di storia dell’editoria; 15) ISBN 884643756X: € 22.00.

More than a catalog of 163 19th-century Mantuan periodicals. Each catalog record is followed by the title’s history. Includes an index of personal names, an alphabetical index of titles that repeats the order of the entries, a chronological title index, and an index of printers, as well as a 6-page bibliography, [JKL]

Teatro e dintorni: guida alle arti sceniche 2001. Roma: Editoria & spettacolo, 2002. 643 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 8890056207: € 23.24.

A directory of Italian theaters, theatrical agencies, associations, services, and centers, with theaters arranged geographically; otherwise alphabetically within each category. Entries are self-submitted. Includes indices of circuits, theaters by region and town, production companies, schools and studios, and festivals. Contains advertising. [JKL]


Decurtins, Alexi. Niev vocabulari romontsch sursilvan - tudestg = [cover: Neues rätoromanisches Wörterbuch surselvisch - deutsch. Legat Anton Cadonau, Societad retorumantscha, Societad per la perscrutaziun dala cultura grischuna. 1. Aufl. Chur: [Lia rumantscha], cop. 2001. XXV, 1243 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 3039009990: :€ 58.00.

A Rhaeto-Romance (Surselvisch)/German dictionary with articles that offer grammatical categories, definitions, fields of usage, phrases, and synonyms. Forematter in (western) Rhaeto-Romance and German. Appendices on onomastics and conjugation. [JKL]

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