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Discussion of Trends, Assessment, and Concerns
Joint meeting of the Romance Languages and Germanist Discussion Groups
American Library Association Midwinter Conference
Seattle 2013, Sunday, Jan. 27, 1:00pm-2:30pm
I. Introductions and Institutional Updates
II. Discussion of Interests and Concerns
III. Suggestions for 2013 Annual Meeting; Volunteer Opportunities

(A) A session on how to build an approval plan. It was suggested that we might include a vendor in the panel. We might also want to have a group who has plans at consortial level.
(B) A related topic was “who is collecting what’s on the outside” [of our approval plans, consortial plans, etc.]
(C) The evolving role of the liaison/subject librarian [esp. as more resources are “packaged;” that we are not "bibliographers:" that certain collecting/service for our areas is done by others [e.g., data specialists].
(D) Meet with WESS catalogers to let them tell us about the effects of RDM and how our resources, cataloging & metadata do and don’t work within our discovery tools and beyond.
(E) Developing impact factors or other criteria to showcase and demonstrate the importance and success of our programs [this might relate to Title VI centers].

Libby Chenault, Western European Librarian, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lidia Uziel, Librarian for Western European Humanities, Yale University
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