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Web Site: http://www.goethe.de/enindex.htm
Description: The Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institution that promotes the study of German abroad and encourages international cultural exchange. It also fosters knowledge about Germany by providing information on its culture, society and politics. (http://www.goethe.de/enindex.htm)

Goethe Institutes:
Germany: http://www.goethe.de/uun/adr/deu/enindex.htm
Worldwide Locations: http://www.goethe.de/uun/adr/wwt/est/enindex.htm
United States: http://www.goethe.de/uun/adr/wwt/est/iww/usa/enindex.htm
Email: http://www.goethe.de/knt/enindex.htm

Products and Services: Network of Goethe-Instituts, Goethe Centres, cultural societies, reading rooms and exam and language learning centers
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