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Spring 1999, vol. 22, no. 2

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Reports and Reviews

Stuttgart University Library Seminar

by Gordon Anderson

Report from the 1998 Nijhoff Award Recipient

By Jeffrey Garrett

Ulrich Ammon's Ist Deutsch Noch internationale Wissenschaftssprache?

Review by John Rutledge


New Publications of Note

Column Editor: Robert Kusmer

Europe in Bits & Bytes

Column Editor: Gail Hueting

Personal & Institutional News

Column Editor: Richard Hacken

WESS Section Business

Executive Committee Minutes

WESS Bylaws Revision

Notes from the WESS Chair

1999 Annual Conference Program Announcement: "Western European Studies Librarianship:
Looking Forward After 20 Years"

Touzot WESS Program Grant

1999 Nijhoff Study Grant Winner

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Goodbye and Thank You!

WESS' 20th Anniversary Riverboat Celebration

1999 Annual Conference Schedule

Special Topics Discussion Group Meeting Announcement

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